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Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things! Hurray!

Not going to take much of your time, but I whipped this together the other day–all those ABC tracing worksheets and so few that are just long lines of them! My boys loved these. It kept them occupied for a good while, they used crayons to make everything colorful, and the Professor’s penmanship significantly improved.

ABC Tracing image

Quick note on printing: page 1 is just my credits page, but print the next pages double-sided if you want to save on paper!

Here are my Alphabet Tracing Worksheets for ya!

If that’s not enough ABC activity for you, check out my ABC Worksheet Pack.

Quick Bonus Activity:

(Affiliate link included as well.)

If you are working on letter recognition, BOB Books are awesome. My kids were reading at 3 and 4, in large part due to BOB Books. The Pre-Reader set includes all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers, so it’s FANTASTIC for learning letter and number recognition. Serious kudos. If you are working on reading with your kiddos, BOB books is the way to go (speaking from experience with two, going on three little boys now).

My First BOB Books: Pre-Reading Skills


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