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Emotions Worksheet Pack

To follow up our Poetry Worksheet Pack, we have the Emotions Worksheet Pack! Hurray!

(Super quick note! New Birthday Cake Coloring Page got posted yesterday, if you’re interested. Okay, moving on.)

I wanted to make sure we were still practicing letters and numbers still, so I included tracing and a “count the feeling faces” page in this one! Success! I think your kids will like the little faces that go with it. They are my-kid-approved soooo there you are.

Activities for this week include reading more poetry, talking about feelings, how we handle them, how other people are feeling…and we’ll wrap up the week with Inside Out, because it’s such a good movie for talking about feelings!

Six worksheets focused on six feelings (not, one worksheet per emotion, just…I talk about six feelings): sad, mad, happy, excited, bored, and surprised! Maybe I’ll do another emotions pack later to talk more about the emotions in depth, but for now, it’s a good discussion jumping off point while still covering the basics.

This worksheet pack includes:

  • Emotions Cut & Paste
  • Color the Feeling
  • Feeling Match
  • Emotions Trace
  • Count the Feeling Faces
  • First Letters with Feelings

These are solidly preschool/kindergarten, so enjoy!

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Here’s what you came for:

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list! It’s all nice and updated!

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Community & Service Worksheet Pack

Speaking of SERVICE…have you checked out our #septemberofservice on Instagram? I hope you do! We’d love to see what service we can get out there and doing for people!


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