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Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK

Since my Alphabet Tracing Worksheet and Number Tracing Worksheet have done pretty well, I thought I’d keep it up with the worksheets!

I don’t know about your kids, but my five- and three-year-old obsessed with Octonauts these days! So I’ve been using it as a jumping off point for learning. Thank goodness it’s already pretty educational, right?

These aren’t Octonaut theme, but they are ocean theme, which is basically all they want to think about these days–specifically sharks and submarines, but this did it for them!

These Ocean Animal themed worksheets are preschool level, with some writing/tracing, matching, addition up to 6, and some fun facts! I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine!

MORE ocean animal math pages can be found in my:

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Still not what you’re looking for? There’s more on my Master List of Worksheets!

Comment below on things your kids are interested in or need more help practicing, and I’ll see about whipping up a blog post with worksheets, activities, etc! Let’s all learn together!


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