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Birthday Interview

Yesterday my oldest turned 5.


The big freakin’ go-to-school age FIVE.

I think I’m doing okay and not freaking out too much. I didn’t even cry! But dude, does it just feel crazy.

When Red turned 3, we started a tradition with a Birthday Interview. I had wandered around Pinterest and things trying to find a set of questions that could work with any age–where they never got outdated, you know? Not asking a teenager about their favorite cartoon character or whatnot? But I couldn’t find anything that felt just right.

So, being me, I made my own.

We like to record them while we ask the questions, especially at this age–it is HILARIOUS. And we try to write down what they answer, though sometimes I will add a few things in parentheses that I know they would answer if they were, y’know, not toddlers and thought like adults (for example, they are saying orange is their favorite color but they neeeeever like it except for this one second when you ask).

In honor of Red’s fifth birthday, here are my Birthday Interview 20 Questions, and hopefully they are as timeless for you as they have (so far) been for us.

Click here to download the Birthday Interview Questions!


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