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Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Wow! I didn’t expect so much love for my 2019 coloring page. So you guys are all learning about the New Year too, huh?

Next up for us was learning our months of the year. We’ve really loved singing along to Singing Walrus’s Months song on YouTube and Spotify, which is awesome, we can listen to it in the car. Or not awesome, if you can’t handle hearing the months of the year forever on repeat, sung by enthusiastic four and five year olds–I have my days where I can handle it and others I really can’t!!

But anyway!

Since kids love to color, here are my latest and greatest:

Months of the Year Coloring Pages!

There’s a page for each month, and one at the end with every month on it for review.

I forgot to put my little disclaimer page on here, but….you get it. Please don’t copy without permission, you can print as much as you want, just send people my way if they want to print them out too! I have faith in you guys to do the right thing.

Next week…my new Excel meal planner. I’m stoked guys. I didn’t even ask my husband for help this time (like I did with the awesome calendar) , so I’m starting to achieve my own Excel-masterhood!! I’m pretty proud of myself!!

But enough about me. Go out and teach those kiddos everybody. You’ve got this!

I have faith in you!

Have a great week!


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