123 Number Worksheet Pack
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123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

Five more worksheets, fresh off the press! Last week I did an Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack, so this week is numbers. Mostly 1-10 but a few things through 20. This is NOT a math worksheet pack, just a number recognition pack! But a math one will be coming eventually, and I do have a… Continue reading 123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

At Home Preschool, Printables

Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack

I'm starting a series of worksheet packs for preschoolers and early kindergarteners and I'm super excited to share them with you!! Hurray!! Of course, where best to start than the alphabet. It's sort of the basic building block of everything else, isn't it? I did do a single worksheet a while back with both uppercase… Continue reading Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack


Free Wall Art Printable: Be Kind, Do Good, Choose Joy!

Sometimes, when the kids are all yelling and fighting... or the house is a mess but I've been cleaning all day... or I look at my to do list and there's so much to do and I'm just done... I need a reminder of what's important. So I broke it down into three things I… Continue reading Free Wall Art Printable: Be Kind, Do Good, Choose Joy!