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Love is Spoken Here–Exploding Flip Chart

Occasionally I like to post my ideas for church when I have a calling, and this year I am Primary Chorister! Huzzah! It’s a fun calling that can take a lot of prep, but I’m a fan of the print-and-go method; if it’s harder than printing and going, I almost never do it. I do have a few projects that take more prep, but it’s not sustainable to have high-prep activities constantly.

Today I’m sharing my Love is Spoken Here exploding flip chart helps, and next time I’ll share my sub binder (which you can edit to suit you, of course) for an easy “here you go, please teach” hand off. No prep for them! Huzzah!

So I originally saw the idea for the exploding flip chart on a blog called The Children Sing, see link here.

I like it! Basically, instead of bringing completed flip charts, you have the kids helps you put them together as they learn the song. So I made some helps to print and cut out for Love is Spoken Here. I’ll try to add an actual picture soon!

Of course, Primary never goes according to plan, so we never made it through Family History–I Am Doing It (for which I used the helps found on Jolly Jenn’s Flipchart site!) because Senior Primary was SO rowdy! We ended up switching gears to Silly Singing, which is usually what I do with Junior Primary.

For Silly Singing, I use the cards from Kami’s Primary Music Ideas, but only the half page ones! She has some that are a quarter page and I think they are too small. I may actually use her squares as a template to add some new types of Silly Singing Squares, just to keep them the same size.

The Squares are great for Singing Tic Tac Toe, Singing Battleship, etc…all ideas I will share with you. I usually see ideas on Pinterest and adapt, but I have a few original ideas. I actually have a whole curriculum planned for the Old Testament (Come Follow Me 2022) and I’ll share that next time!


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