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Autumn Worksheet Pack

Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed the Halloween worksheets and the Halloween Coloring Pages! If you’re doing worksheets today–stop! Go play! Eat candy! Make cupcakes!

Or print these out for next week! Thanks for your patience while I took the week off!

This week I’ve got autumn worksheets (in color!), and I’ll be quick so you can get back to Halloween happiness.

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This worksheet pack includes:

  • Pumpkin Word Families
  • Leaf Graphing
  • Autumn Object Matching
  • Leaf Patterns
  • Autumn One Less, One More

I skewed up to kindergarten/1st grade this week, but there is still plenty of preschool fun! Have a great Halloween!

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Here’s what you came for:

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list! It’s all nice and updated!

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Here’s my end of the year worksheet schedule!

Thursday 11/7: Thanksgiving

Thursday 11/14: Gratitude

Thursday 11/21: Growth Mindset

Thursday 11/28: Happy Thanksgiving! No Worksheets!

If you need to make some Halloween cookies (because who doesn’t?) these cookie cutters are fun and great for festive treats! (Affiliate link included.)


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