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Safari Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK

I did some Ocean Animal Worksheets last year and you all loved them–they were so simple and preschool-y!

I had some free time (I know, while we’re moving???–it’s a birthday here at our house, which means playing kids but not much to do) so I whipped up a Safari Animal Worksheet page from Empty Jar Illustration’s fantastic zoo animal clip art. They did the art for the ocean animal worksheets and they’re just fantastic. You can check out their Teacher Pay Teacher page here.

Animals are always such a draw for kids (and adults, let’s face it) and Empty Jar’s clip art is so cute. I basically did a reboot of my last worksheets: matching, addition, tracing, and fun facts! Easy shmeezy! I hope your kids love them as much as they love the ocean animal ones!

MORE land animal math pages can be found in my:

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Still not what you’re looking for? There’s more on my Master List of Worksheets!

Comment below on things your kids are interested in or need more help practicing, and I’ll see about whipping up a blog post with worksheets, activities, etc! Let’s all learn together!


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