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Menu Planner

Do you ever just get sick of coming up with a menu every single week?

Some weeks I just can’t think of anything. It drives me crazy. So I made a menu planner to do it for me!

I filled in a spreadsheet with all the things I could think of that we EVER eat, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Then I automated it so it fills in a weekly menu for me!

I did not make a weekly grocery list. That requires a) a ton of time I don’t have, and b) magically knowing what I do or do not have on my shelf that week, which is impossible. I’ve seen a lot of weekly planners out there, but none that are made up of food I already eat, and this one is totally customizable, so you can add the foods that YOUR family eats! How great is that??

You can also make different menu types to use on different days. I included two menu spots, but you can add as many as you want. That way you can do “Taco Tuesday” every week, or “Meatless Monday” or whatever, or even have Low Carb days and not, like I do. On the weekly menu page you can change which of the menus you want to use for each day.

This Excel spreadsheet works fantastically with

  1. My awesome customizable planner, which I’ve made some cool changes to. I should update that. The whole point is less work for you!
    Fun tip: If you copy and paste (paste link, not just regular paste) from the monthly menu onto the correct week in the planner, it will automatically update your planner each month with a new menu. So when you print your planner, you have a menu done too! Easy peasy!
  2. My grocery budgeting tool! (Also an Excel spreadsheet, because they’re so handy.)Make budget menus or splurge menus depending on what your budget allows that week!

Now, without further ado, the menu planner:

Download your free customizable menu planner here!

Hope you all have a happy weekend! And can you believe January is already over? Just crazy!


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