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Turkey Worksheet Pack

I was planning on getting my Thanksgiving worksheets finished up this week, but something in my brain blew up and I made turkey worksheets instead! Oops!

I mean, only kind of oops, I did it on purpose…because I thought you guys needed some turkey learnin’ so close to turkey time. And for some reason, I was just on a roll this week! So there are SEVEN preschool worksheets, one kindergarten/1st grade addition page, AND an activity booklet to boot! Told you. On a roll.

More about rolls when we get to the Thanksgiving worksheets because yummm Thanksgiving dinner. But anyway.

Turkeys are so interesting. I lived on the East coast for years and, let me tell you, turkeys are humungous and I stay out of their way. Domestic turkeys are huge but also short and fluffy and fairly safe looking–wild turkeys look like they’ll chase you down a dark alley for pocket change. My cat tried to eat one once and it’s amazing he survived, the turkey was at least four times his size. I know, super child friendly. Don’t worry. I didn’t mention all this loveliness in my turkey worksheets!

Quick blurb if you missed last week’s Autumn Worksheet Pack, which has 5 autumn leaf and clothing worksheets! Since it was Halloween and all, just a reminder. And happy Halloween everyone! Hope it was a fun time! My kids dressed up as Batman, Spiderman, a pilot, and a ladybug. I might be a little biased buuuut they were super cute.

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This worksheet pack includes…so much stuff:

  • T is for Turkey (trace and color)
  • Turkey T Find
  • Turkey Crossword
  • Turkey Maze
  • Turkey Egg Count
  • Turkey Shape Coloring
  • My Turkey Book

Plenty of preschool worksheets, plus one kindergarten/1st grade one thrown in for good measure.

I’ll list this on Teachers Pay Teachers too!

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Here’s what you came for:

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list!

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Here’s my end of the year worksheet schedule!

Thursday 11/14: Thanksgiving

Thursday 11/21: Gratitude

Thursday 11/28: Happy Thanksgiving! No Worksheets!


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