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Piano at Home for All Ages

A few years ago, I talked about getting my kids started on piano lessons at home.

My kids were three and five at the time, and I had an almost one year old. NOW I have an eight, six, four, and two year old! Time flies when you’re having fun!

If it was impossibly expensive THEN to teach the kids piano, it’s even more so now. So I’m here to reintroduce my little learner piano “lessons” and a new tool for the bigger kids!

I’m getting my four and two year old started on my old practice sheet I used with my older kids. It’s a simple, fun way for kids to get introduced to piano concepts without overwhelming them.


The Preschool Piano Practice sheet!

PreK Piano Practice image

You can use it as a bingo board and put stickers on the ones your preschooler accomplishes, or cut it up and use it as cards (like I did). You can say “do all the orange!” or “do all the blue!” or anything you’d like.

Some are silly, some will take some help from Mom or Dad, but the hope is that they all teach a little bit about piano and music and keep your kids interested and having fun!


You can download the sheet here!

If you want to make them into the flashcards, here’s a simple back to print on the other side! I tried it to make sure, and they print out really nicely!

My older boys are ready for real lessons though, and I simply can’t afford the time or money for another extracurricular! Lessons are $25-50 a week in my area, and for both of them? Heavy sigh.

So, since they already know the basics, and they are veteran online learners from COVID last year, I looked for an online course that we could use together. I can give them the support, since I know piano. I did NOT want to have to come up with my own course of study though! I think I do enough of that with preK!

Instead, I found Piano For All. (Affiliate links, be warned!)

They have videos, audio lessons, and ebooks, and I only have to pay ONCE instead of every week. Here’s a sample of one of their video lessons (which the kids had fun with!):

Sample Lesson with Piano For All

It’s only $40 for aaalllll the content. Even just buying a set of piano books to teach the kids myself was more than that! So I’m pretty excited! All you need is your own piano or keyboard.

We found a decent kid keyboard on Amazon here:


Camide 61 Keys Keyboard Piano, Electronic Digital Piano with Built-In Speaker Microphone, Sheet Stand and Power Supply, Portable Keyboard Gift Teaching for Beginners

It’s totally a beginner piano, nothing fancy, and nice and cheap for the kids to get started on!

If you want to give Piano For All a try, here’s my affiliate link:

Piano For All

And if not, wait for my official review in a month or two! We’ll see how the program holds up!

What do you do at home to teach the kids piano or just have fun with it? Comment below!


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