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Halloween Worksheet Pack

I hope you liked last week’s Halloween Coloring Pages!

This week are five Halloween worksheets to go along with them!

My kids actually came up with all of these worksheets. They had some great ideas for tracing, matching, letters, and more, but these were the five ideas I could do this week (October is a CRAZY month at our house this year!) so here they are. A nice mix of fun and learning, if I do say so myself!

Besides the candy factor, and our kids dressing up, Halloween isn’t a big thing at my house. I hate everything pumpkin, so I’m pretty much the weirdest human in the USA since it feels like everyone likes pumpkin in the fall here…? I don’t like how it smells, how it tastes, how it FEELS, bleh, nope, no thank. I’m also not into creepy, so…yeah. With the exception of candy, Halloween is lost on me. But I do like fun worksheets, and Halloween provides a fun theme!

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This worksheet pack includes:

  • Jack o’ Lantern Connect the Dots
  • Vampire Fang Counting
  • Ghost Matching
  • Halloween Line Up
  • Spider Web Addition

These are perfect for preschool but fun for kindergarten or first grade too. The Halloween Line Up page includes coloring and a quick left/right exercise! Fun!

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Here’s what you came for:

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list! It’s all nice and updated!

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If you need to make some Halloween cookies (because who doesn’t?) these cookie cutters are fun and great for festive treats! (Affiliate link included.)


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