Birthday Cake Coloring Page

SUPER QUICK update, guys.

My two year old turns THREE on FRIDAY.

Where does the time go? How did he get so old?? He keeps telling me he doesn’t want to turn three and has asked to be rocked like a baby a few times this week. Even he knows he’s getting too old. I have tried to accommodate when possible; I’m not complaining about extra cuddles! But it is a little bittersweet for both of us, I think.

Anyways. Insert me sighing about my babies here for a minute.

Like I said back at Father’s Day, kids like giving gifts but it’s hard when they’re little. So I made this birthday cake coloring page for my four year old to color, so he has something to contribute to birthday festivities.

This is also the first year my youngest son gets to do the BIRTHDAY INTERVIEW. We start at three years old, when they are old enough to talk and tell you what they think. We ask the same questions every year and take a video as we interview them, because it’s so cute and funny to look back on. It’s so interesting to see how their answers change over the years. You can find our page of questions HERE if you’d like.

(Also, quick note: you can click on the image below and download, but clicking the button leads to the PDF, which is much higher quality for printing. The image here is more for previewing. Just an FYI!)

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