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Plants Worksheet and Activity Pack

It’s FINALLY spring! Who’s happy?? (I might be closer to ecstatic. Gosh, I’m done with winter.)

Last week I did a Shapes and Colors Worksheet and Activity Pack, but this week is Plant Worksheets, just in time for all the little buds coming up and leaves showing up on trees! Happy sigh!

This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is a Plant? (Tracing Worksheet)
  • Plant Life Cycle Worksheet
  • Petal Math (2)
  • Plant Needs (Matching Worksheet)
  • Age in Tree Lines (Counting and Drawing Worksheet)

The petal math has two worksheets, one adding to 5 and one adding to 10, so obviously use whichever one works best for your child! Or print for two different aged children. I made some more picture math worksheets midweek last week if math is something you’re focusing on, which you can find HERE.

Download the Plants Worksheet and Activity Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Master List of Worksheets!

Weirdly, our family doesn’t read a lot of plant books. We do the worksheets and then head outside to see what we just learned about!

We do have ONE good one, though, but it’s not very sciency, so expect a conversation about how this isn’t realistic but it IS funny!

It’s called THE GIANT VEGETABLE GARDEN by Nadine Bernard Westcott. It’s not an Amazon, which is a travesty, but if you can find it at the library or something, it’s so much fun. This is a book I grew up with. It’s about exactly what it says it is.

I don’t believe in putting a price tag on worksheets, that’s silly, but please make sure you share on Pinterest and such if you enjoy these. It helps me out so much!

Thank you in advance, you’re awesome!

Stay tuned next week for the Birds and Bugs Worksheet and Activity Pack!


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