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Weather Worksheet Pack

Ahhh the very long awaited Weather Worksheet Pack!

I think I first promised these back at the Water Worksheet Pack….it’s been a while. But they are here, they are ready, and even better, they are PRINTER FRIENDLY. Er, they’re ink friendly anyway. I noticed I use a lot of color ink and, while that’s pretty and great and all, it’s not so great on the budget! So hurray for black and white!

I’m also fiddling with the overall formatting of my worksheets, so bear with me as I adjust. It should even out in the very near future!

I’m pretty happy with this week’s worksheets–OH and did I mention I made all the clip art myself??–and I think you and your preschooler/kindergartener/first grader like them too. I intended on making five and somehow four more worksheets snuck in there! Like most of my worksheet packs, different worksheets are more appropriate for one or the other age groups…the cloud counting worksheets I intentionally made for a younger child and an older child to do together. One is regular and one is skip counting! Great number practice all around!

This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is the Weather? (tracing)
  • Snowflake Symmetry
  • Lightening Connect the Dots
  • Cloud Type Cut & Paste
  • Weather Type Match
  • First Letter Match
  • Cloud Counting (2)
  • Weather Observation Journal Page

These are great for changing seasons or rainy days, and will pair up nicely with my Seasons Worksheet Pack (coming this Thursday!).

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Here’s what you came for:

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list!

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Thursday: Seasons Worksheet Pack

Next Monday: Time Worksheet Pack


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