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Giving Cheerfully Coloring Page

Longer post about this later, but I'm trying to make more FHE and Primary coloring pages. Here is my first one, from the Come Follow Me manual subject for Corinthians 8-12: "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver"! Enjoy!

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I Am Thankful Coloring Page Border

Here is a coloring page border for teaching kids about gratitude and thankfulness! I used this border as my coloring page for my LDS Primary 2: Lesson 24 (I Can Show Gratitude), but I'm sure it has a million other uses, like at Thanksgiving time or for FHE. The Primary lesson also asked that we… Continue reading I Am Thankful Coloring Page Border

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Primary 2 Lesson 8 Handout: Footsteps

Real quick post! I made some footstep printouts for the baptism lesson. I printed these on colorful cardstock and laminated them, so while they can be used for the lesson, they can also be used as a bookmark or just last a little longer for kids. Here's the link! I Will Follow Jesus Christ Footsteps… Continue reading Primary 2 Lesson 8 Handout: Footsteps