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Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Chart and FHE Plan for Young Kids

Ohhhh my gosh guys am I stoked.

I finally finished it.

The one.

The only.

D&C Scripture Chart and FHE plan for toddlers and young kids.

I spent a long time poring over the scriptures trying to figure out what needed to be learned, what should be brought up with kids, how to best summarize an AMAZING book of scripture, and how to incorporate some of the history of the early Saints in there as well.

I would definitely recommend supplementing this with some scripture stories, like from the book you can get from the distribution center, so they can get some of the history with the revelations. Doctrine and Covenants is a really unique set of scripture in that what was happening is so separate from what is talked about, at least in terms of having stories to tell. It’s not Daniel and the lion’s den, where the story is the lesson…you just read the lesson, and figure out the story from the headings. Anyway. Point is, supplement.

I also don’t shy away from deep stuff, like I mentioned with my Book of Mormon chart–which, I discovered, needs some updating: less reliance on Ites, and more on the scriptures! But it was a good jumping off point. And still a pretty good resource, if I do say so myself. My kids loved that chart and are big fans of Nephi and Moroni (and Ether, of all people, who they really seemed to grasp) and all those awesome prophets. It was pretty awesome!

I scoured Pinterest and my brain for some good age appropriate FHE ideas too. Obviously, adjust as necessary, but I mention a lot of discussion points that I think are good to go over. You know your kids and their needs. This is obviously not “my way or the highway”…it’s basically a giant chart of suggestions. I even left it in its Excel form so you can edit if you’d like.

Anyway! Really excited to have this done and shared with you all. I hope this inspires some great discussion, pondering, and learning in your home.

Download the D&C Scripture Chart and FHE Plan here.


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