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“A is For” Alphabet Coloring Pages SNEAK PEEK

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’ve been slowly working on some fun alphabet coloring pages for preschoolers or maybe even totschoolers. I was hoping to have half the alphabet done by now, but hey, moving! So today I’m releasing A, B, C, and D as a sneak peek into the rest of the alphabet. I have more rough drafts done, but they need to be scanned and neatened up before they’ll be ready!

I will eventually combine all of these into one big file (actually, they all start out that way…but it’s a long explanation, so never mind) but for now you’ll have to download them one at a time! I’m sorry! When I release the full pack it will be one-click, easy-shmeezy.

Great for an alphabet unit, letter recognition practice, or easy summer work for preschoolers! Hope your kiddos enjoy these!

Download the A is For Coloring Page HERE.

Download the B is For Coloring Page HERE.

Download the C is For Coloring Page HERE.

Download the D is For Coloring Page HERE.

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For alphabet worksheets, check out my ABC Tracing Worksheet or ABC Worksheet Pack for Preschoolers!

Don’t forget to sign up for my e-mail newsletter if you’d like to stay in the loop for when this pack gets finished! Also in the works are Water themed worksheets! Yay!

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