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Singing My Phone Number (Or, Helping Your Kids Memorize Anything)

Story time:

The last few weeks, I’ve been working with Red (the four year old) on memorizing my phone number. We’ve done it before, and he had it down, mostly, but it just wasn’t sticking. So I sang it. I made up a tune that worked and he liked it and now he can’t forget my phone number because he sings it constantly.

Well, today I was in a store signing up for one of those darn rewards systems, and they ask for my number, and the Professor starts singing it! My two year old! He knew my entire phone number by heart and I hadn’t even worked directly with him on it.

Now the whole store knows my phone number too, weirdly, because both boys were singing it over and over again at the top of their lungs, but I can live with that.

So, while I wish this post would be very in-depth and awe-inspiring, I pretty much summed it up in my title.

Sing to your kids.

They will memorize everything you put into song. You know as well as I do that any song on the radio or on a TV show is instantly downloaded into their little baby brains never to be deleted (no matter how much we wish we could take back listening to that darn Taylor Swift song they keep repeating) so USE it!

Here is the tune I use for memorizing phone numbers, which I made up because I couldn’t think of a song that sounded complete with only ten notes. There’s sheet music if you have a piano to pick it out on (I put the note name above the notes so it’s easier, if you haven’t read sheet music in a while like me), or the mp3 file below!

Memorizing a Phone #

(Ack, I missed a G at the end. Just write in the G. Sorry about that.)

Listen to the “Memorizing a Phone Number” song.

Just use one note for each number of your phone number! Happy memorizing!


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