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Food Storage Enchiladas (And Some Thoughts on Kids and Chores)

One of the easy meals I plunked on our cooking challenge checklist was enchiladas. Husband likes red sauce and ground beef, but since I'm trying to teach kids to cook without too much dealing with stoves or raw meat, I went ahead and taught them a recipe for white sauce chicken ones instead! Obviously, it's not a very authentic Mexican dish, but these are the enchiladas I grew up on and I still love them. My family tends to call them "Food Storage Enchiladas" because almost every ingredient is canned and you can stock up on it for your 3 months (or year) of food storage!

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Singing My Phone Number (Or, Helping Your Kids Memorize Anything)

Story time: The last few weeks, I've been working with Red (the four year old) on memorizing my phone number. We've done it before, and he had it down, mostly, but it just wasn't sticking. So I sang it. I made up a tune that worked and he liked it and now he can't forget… Continue reading Singing My Phone Number (Or, Helping Your Kids Memorize Anything)