Happy Father’s Day! A Dodge Challenger Coloring Page

Father’s Day is tricky for little kids. Heck, any day for gift giving can be tricky for kids. But our boys wanted to give something to Daddy for Father’s Day, so I had to come up with SOMETHING they could do. Our five year old made something at school, our four year old has a little something planned too, but the two year old! What to do, what to do.

So I made a coloring page!

I made a Dodge Challenger coloring page because that’s THEIR dad’s favorite car, but if you’d like to comment below and tell my YOUR kids’ dad’s favorite car, I can try to make a few more coloring pages to add before Father’s Day!

Dodge Challenger Happy Father's Day Coloring Page for Kids
Say Happy Father’s Day with a 2019 Dodge Challenger coloring page!

Download the Father’s Day Dodge Challenger Coloring Page HERE!

We are still on hiatus from regular worksheets! I have an A is For Coloring Page set that should be out soon (A through L should be posted Monday!) but everything else is still up in the air while we work on packing and moving. Always an adventure!

For more coloring pages and worksheets, check out our Master List of Worksheets!

Short and sweet today! Have a happy weekend!


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