Our At Home Preschool Schedule (With a Baby, 2 Year Old, and 4 Year Old) –and FREE printable planner

I hope that our schedule helps your organize your own, and I've included my sample planner with a blank one as well so you can plan your own at home preschool! Download your FREE At Home Preschool Planner here!

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I’m Starting to Understand How God Feels

When people ask me to summarize my religion, I tell them: I believe in infinite potential. I can't imagine a future in which we disappear forever, or a future where we are stuck within set parameters, never to exceed past a certain point. The idea of godhood make senses to me, under those circumstances. How… Continue reading I’m Starting to Understand How God Feels

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How Firm a Foundation: My Goals for 2018

I don't know about you, but I get REALLY excited for New Year's Resolutions. I guess it has to do with being a perfectionist or something? Overachiever? I am a complete failure at being an overachiever, by the way, but I constantly have to feel like I'm making PROGRESS somehow, and without goals I really… Continue reading How Firm a Foundation: My Goals for 2018