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Sight Word Day!

I’m two days late on sight word day because we all got miserably sick (yes, again! It’s been awful!) but today we are going full learning speed ahead!! reached out to me last week with a great worksheet to share with you guys, which is awesome, because I legitimately love their worksheets! 

My kids loved this matching image/sight word worksheet, even my three year old!

Your child will learn to recognize and spell words with this fun matching game from! Find more spelling worksheets, activities, and games here.

You might want to work backwards with younger kids, like I did with my three year old:
What is the picture of?
What letter does it start with?
Which word starts with that letter?

It was good line-drawing practice for him too. Gotta work on that kid’s pencil grip.

My four year old was done in a flash (he’s been working on his reading skills lately) (and to be fair, he’s closer to five than four these days) but spent the time I was helping his brother to write out the sight words on the back of the paper. So time well spent!


You can download the worksheet here!

Next up was popsicle stick word writing!

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I would say a word I know they know (we’ll get to that in a minute) and they would use popsicle sticks to spell it out. They weren’t sure O should really be a square, and there were a few mix-ups on which side the stem was on a d vs a b, but we got the hang of it.

Eventually this disintegrated into making people and train tracks out of the popsicle sticks…all good! Oh, and when we put them away, we got some count-to-100 practice because there are 100 popsicle sticks.


Next up was a sight word video (my kids’ favorite is Preschool Prep Co.’s free YouTube video–it’s great!) and flashcards. The sight word video has really been great for my kids’ word recognition, so those are the words I go back to as “words I know they know”.

Sight Word Day, like Gingerbread Man Day or even our Unplanned At-Home Preschool, is so simple to do with your kids–just a worksheet, an activity, a video, and some cheap flashcards. It doesn’t take anything fancy to teach your kids!

Get out there and learn!

What does your family do for quick and easy learning?

What are some themes you guys would like ideas for?

Comment below and let me know!

Big thanks again to and their great worksheet!



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