Family Movie Night Editable Poster Download

Last night, Husband and I were up watching a movie and Red comes up from his room: “I just want to stay up and watch movies like you guys!”

Break my heart, why don’t ya!

So right then and there I decided we were going to have a family movie night! We have tons of popcorn (I grew up in a movie family, you always have popcorn around) and more tons of leftover Easter candy, so we’re going to have a movie night!

The plan is to get kids into PJs early, get them all settled with blankets and pillows in front of the TV, break out the snacks, and start the movie!


I thought it would be fun to put some posters up around the house, like this was a big event! Plus, I have a laminator, and I like having an excuse to laminate things I can use more than once.

So I snagged a Microsoft Word template and edited it to suit my purposes.


A family movie night poster!


Any time you have a movie night, you can announce it with this awesome little poster (laminated, of course), edited with a dry erase marker and cleaned off when you’re done. Easy shmeezy!

Hope you love it as much as I do and have a great family movie night together!

Download the movie night poster here!


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