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Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack

I'm starting a series of worksheet packs for preschoolers and early kindergarteners and I'm super excited to share them with you!! Hurray!! Of course, where best to start than the alphabet. It's sort of the basic building block of everything else, isn't it? I did do a single worksheet a while back with both uppercase… Continue reading Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack

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Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK

Since my Alphabet Tracing Worksheet and Number Tracing Worksheet have done pretty well, I thought I'd keep it up with the worksheets! I don't know about your kids, but my five- and three-year-old obsessed with Octonauts these days! So I've been using it as a jumping off point for learning. Thank goodness it's already pretty… Continue reading Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK

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Number Tracing Worksheet

To go along with my Alphabet Tracing Worksheet, I made a Number Tracing Worksheet too! Numbers 1-15, plus a few plus/minus/equal signs to get a nice early start on those math skills. Download the Number Tracing Worksheet here! More number worksheets are in my 123 Worksheet pack, or you can look over all my available… Continue reading Number Tracing Worksheet