At Home Preschool, Printables

Picture Math Worksheet Pack

Free worksheets! These are especially great for preschoolers because it's all pictures, learning to count, size/amount comparison, and learning what the +/-/= symbols mean!

123 Number Worksheet Pack
At Home Preschool, Printables

123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

Five more worksheets, fresh off the press! Last week I did an Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack, so this week is numbers. Mostly 1-10 but a few things through 20. This is NOT a math worksheet pack, just a number recognition pack! But a math one will be coming eventually, and I do have a… Continue reading 123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

At Home Preschool, Printables

Number Tracing Worksheet

To go along with my Alphabet Tracing Worksheet, I made a Number Tracing Worksheet too! Numbers 1-15, plus a few plus/minus/equal signs to get a nice early start on those math skills. Download the Number Tracing Worksheet here! More number worksheets are in my 123 Worksheet pack, or you can look over all my available… Continue reading Number Tracing Worksheet