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Color & Shapes Worksheet and Activity Pack

New week, new worksheets! Last week I did an Numbers Worksheet and Activity Pack, and this week is Colors & Shapes! This worksheet pack includes: Shape Tracing Worksheet Shape Pattern Worksheet Color Matching Worksheet Color by Number (2) I Spy Checklist (2) There are 7 altogether, so one or two worksheets for every day of… Continue reading Color & Shapes Worksheet and Activity Pack

123 Number Worksheet Pack
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123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

Five more worksheets, fresh off the press! Last week I did an Alphabet Worksheet and Activity Pack, so this week is numbers. Mostly 1-10 but a few things through 20. This is NOT a math worksheet pack, just a number recognition pack! But a math one will be coming eventually, and I do have a… Continue reading 123 Worksheet and Activity Pack

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Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Wow! I didn't expect so much love for my 2019 coloring page. So you guys are all learning about the New Year too, huh? Next up for us was learning our months of the year. We've really loved singing along to Singing Walrus's Months song on YouTube and Spotify, which is awesome, we can listen… Continue reading Months of the Year Coloring Pages

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Quick and Easy Autumn Learning Day provided this fun autumn worksheet for the kids! I've said it before but I'll say it again: learning moments don't have to be huge or fancy or long-winded. This took us 15 minutes and included problem-solving, coloring, writing, motor skills, and a little bit of a science discussion. It doesn't take much for kids to absorb a lot!

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The Learning to Cook Challenge

Red was staring at the blender base I'd left on the counter the other day. "I want to make something," he told me. "What did you have in mind?" I asked. Partially, I was being a super-awesome-parent and letting him have a say, not putting ideas in his brain, etc, but the other partially was… Continue reading The Learning to Cook Challenge

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Number Tracing Worksheet

To go along with my Alphabet Tracing Worksheet, I made a Number Tracing Worksheet too! Numbers 1-15, plus a few plus/minus/equal signs to get a nice early start on those math skills. Download the Number Tracing Worksheet here! More number worksheets are in my 123 Worksheet pack, or you can look over all my available… Continue reading Number Tracing Worksheet

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Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Chart and FHE Plan for Young Kids

Ohhhh my gosh guys am I stoked. I finally finished it. The one. The only. D&C Scripture Chart and FHE plan for toddlers and young kids. I spent a long time poring over the scriptures trying to figure out what needed to be learned, what should be brought up with kids, how to best summarize… Continue reading Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Chart and FHE Plan for Young Kids

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Sight Word Day!

I'm two days late on sight word day because we all got miserably sick (yes, again! It's been awful!) but today we are going full learning speed ahead!! reached out to me last week with a great worksheet to share with you guys, which is awesome, because I legitimately love their worksheets!  My kids… Continue reading Sight Word Day!