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Birthday Interview

Yesterday my oldest turned 5. FIVE. The big freakin' go-to-school age FIVE. I think I'm doing okay and not freaking out too much. I didn't even cry! But dude, does it just feel crazy. When Red turned 3, we started a tradition with a Birthday Interview. I had wandered around Pinterest and things trying to… Continue reading Birthday Interview


Kids and Checklists

I think I'm an okay mom. In the spirit of not being too self-critical, I really think I do okay. My kids are fed (generally healthy foods). My kids do chores (there's the occasional protest in the form of kicking and screaming, but hey, life lessons, right?). My kids have regular learning time (but I'm… Continue reading Kids and Checklists

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How We Keep Our Mornings Sane

Kids sometimes make me question my sanity. I used to be able to wake up and just get things done. I showered, got dressed, put on my makeup, made myself some eggs...ahh. It sounds so easy. Now, I wake up with kids jumping on me, I stumble downstairs to pour some cereal for everyone, I'm… Continue reading How We Keep Our Mornings Sane