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Grocery Budget Tool

If you want to budget your groceries then this is the tool for you. Plunk in how much you spend each week and it will update next week's goal so that you keep on track over the course of the month and year.

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The Ultimate Customizable Planner (Totally Free!)

I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. Even more excited than when I shared Take 1 of my planner, because this time, I have officially worked out all the snags, plus the file is so much smaller...happy sigh. My last planner was just waaaay too complicated. And I wanted to print a whole… Continue reading The Ultimate Customizable Planner (Totally Free!)

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How We Keep Our Mornings Sane

Kids sometimes make me question my sanity. I used to be able to wake up and just get things done. I showered, got dressed, put on my makeup, made myself some eggs...ahh. It sounds so easy. Now, I wake up with kids jumping on me, I stumble downstairs to pour some cereal for everyone, I'm… Continue reading How We Keep Our Mornings Sane