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Choose the Right Handout

I got called to be a Primary teacher a few weeks ago. I don't consider myself much of a teacher. If I'm not reading out of the manual, I'm going of on tangents and trying to teach something deep and meaningful, when, really... ...I teach 4 year olds. As much as it's important to not… Continue reading Choose the Right Handout

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The Title of Liberty; or, What is Worth Defending

We get up and we fight another day, every day. We weather fierce storms of spiritual winds and lightnings and thunderings. We are billowed and blown unless our roots are deep and our convictions are strong...please keep teaching your children the truth. We cannot neglect strengthening their armor. For some of us, that is our current time and season; that is our fight; and it's okay that that's "all it is".

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My Book of Mormon Scripture Chart & FHE Plan for Toddlers

Ever since Red was itty bitty, I have thought, "Oh good, now is the time to start doing Family Home Evening." But, as a baby he obviously had no attention span, and I didn't think he'd get much out of I waited. When the Professor was born, Red was a year and a half,… Continue reading My Book of Mormon Scripture Chart & FHE Plan for Toddlers

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How Firm a Foundation: My Goals for 2018

I don't know about you, but I get REALLY excited for New Year's Resolutions. I guess it has to do with being a perfectionist or something? Overachiever? I am a complete failure at being an overachiever, by the way, but I constantly have to feel like I'm making PROGRESS somehow, and without goals I really… Continue reading How Firm a Foundation: My Goals for 2018