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Moving Worksheet Pack

Have I mentioned we moved?? I know, it’s been the only thing I’ve talked about for ages. But have no fear! New worksheets are here!

And these ones are moving themed, for obvious reasons. Moving can be really hard on kids, and I hope these can help with the transition, even if just a little bit! I moved a lot as a kid, but I was the weird one who enjoyed it. Thus the neighborhood treasure hunt worksheet–there’s so many great things to discover in a new place! I love it!

If your child has a hard time with it though, these can be very helpful for their mental preparation. What will the new house be like? Can I still talk to my friends? What will stay the same? Talking about moving is so helpful, and I feel like often it gets overlooked in the bustle of “just getting this thing done”!

Also, that cute (and total tear-jerker) movie “Inside Out” can be really helpful, especially for little kids. Everyone thinks of it as an emotions movie, and it is, but the aspects of moving can be helpful to see someone else going through. Man, I tear up just thinking about it. I loved moving, but sometimes the transition was still hard. Again, make sure you TALK about it afterwards! How did Riley feel? Was that ok? How did her family help her? What can we do when we feel like this?

Anyway–sniff–gah! Moving is such an interesting experience. But I hope for you, it’s a positive one.

This worksheet pack includes:

  • Important Information (tracing address and phone number template)
  • Neighborhood Treasure Hunt
  • Moving Letter Match
  • Moving True or False
  • Pen Pal Letter Template

These worksheets also make excellent review material if you’re staying in one place! Every kid should know their address and phone number. Juuuust saying.

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Here’s what you came for:

Download the Moving Worksheet Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Worksheets list!

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Thursday: Our After-Moving, Getting-Back-on-Track at home preschool schedule!

Next Monday: Weather Worksheets! Finally!


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