summer writing practice for kindergarten free worksheets
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Summer Writing Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

Do your little learners need some writing practice? Because I have got the thing for you!

I keep promising weather worksheets….but they just keep not happening, sorry guys. We got the flu at our house this week, and we move on Friday, so…yeah! Everything is nuts. Thanks for your patience while I work on that.

Hope you all enjoyed last week’s Safari Animal Worksheets. My kids loved doing them, but as they were, I noticed something…my six year old’s handwriting is getting messy! Like, REALLY messy!

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s summer, let the kid have a break…buuuut why not practice AND have fun with it? So I made these Summer Writing Practice Worksheets with fun summer themes to get the creative juices flowing, some summer writing in, and some coloring because what kid doesn’t like to color? They are great for kindergarteners or first graders (or older kids, I just made them simple enough for even the youngest ones), so let’s fend off that summer slide together.

Download your Summer Writing Practice Worksheets here!

Would you guys mind doing me a favor? If you use these, I’d love to see what your kids come up with! Share with me on Instagram @cookiesandracecars!

Need more basic skill practice? There’s plenty more of that on my Master List of Worksheets!

Hopefully next week I’ll get those weather worksheets done….but honestly, we have a crazy couple of weeks with the move. So I might not post again until August!

I’d love to know what interests you guys though! Comment below on things your kids are interested in or need more help practicing, and I’ll see about whipping up a blog post with worksheets, activities, etc! Let’s all learn together!


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