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Geology Worksheet Pack

I hope you guys liked the Dinosaur Worksheet Pack! I know we sort of slacked on the craft part of things…it was a VERY crazy week at our house, so it just didn’t happen! Oh well.

Now I know what you’re thinking this week: geology for little kids? Really?


This worksheet pack is STILL mostly preschool or kindergarten level work. Cutting, pasting, tracing, matching…it’s just rock related! And tectonic plates-related, which only sounds complicated but really isn’t. Kids are sponges, they will soak it right up.

Fun fact, my mom is a real life geologist. As a kid, I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at her every time she launched into a rock explanation of some sort, but it’s pretty cool stuff! And yes, she keeps a rock hammer in her trunk and breaks open random rocks. She also has brought home fossils, shark teeth, and mammoth bones from various places (no, we didn’t keep the mammoth bones) so no one can say geology is boring!

This one took a lot more than my usual effort, since I made all the rock clipart myself, BUT I was pretty happy when my kids recognized the blobs I had made were actually rocks. Success!! Hurray!!

This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is Geology? (Tracing)
  • The Rock Cycle (Cut and Paste)
  • Earth Layer Color by Number (Colors and Number Recognition)
  • Tectonic Plates (Cutting and Moving activity)
  • Types of Rocks/Landforms Matching (2)
  • Math Rocks! (Math: More/Less/Addition/Subtraction)

10 worksheets this week! Woot! And hey, let me know if your family comes up with any geology questions–I’ll pass them on to my mom, she’d love it!

Here’s the worksheets:

Download the Geology Worksheet Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Master List of Worksheets!

No rock books this week! Any rock books we have are kind of a stretch anyway. So INSTEAD I have an awesome FREEBIE for you guys!


Yep, I finally finished it. All my current subscribers will automatically get this download in their email (whoo-hoo!) but for all y’all that are missing out, just sign up for the e-mail updates and I’ll send it your way!

It’s pretty easy: roll a die, pick up a card based on the color of the square you land on, and try to get all three types of rocks! Lots of fun rock facts too. It does work best if you cut things out and laminate them (this laminator is pretty great, if you don’t have one!) (and yes, that’s an affiliate link).

It’ll be free for a few months and then I’ll switch it out for a new freebie, so stay tuned!

I don’t believe in putting a price tag on worksheets, that’s silly, but please make sure you share on Pinterest and such if you enjoy these. It helps me out so much!

Thank you in advance, you’re awesome!

Next week is my Land Animals Worksheet Pack!


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