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Dinosaur Worksheet Pack

I hope you all enjoyed last week’s Vehicle Worksheet Pack! This week, like I said before, is another subject my boys enjoy–dinosaurs! Isn’t it just the perfect worksheet topic for preschool boys?

I know plenty of girls like dinosaurs too, (if you think I’m repeating what I said last week, then yep, I am) BUT my only girl is 7 months old and not really into anything besides crawling and eating yet, soooo. I’ll let you know if she’s into dinosaurs when she’s older. So far, nope. New development though, she DOES seem really interested in cars and basketball!

But aaaanyway.

There is one crossword that is “harder” than the other (i.e. bigger words). I’ve been having a hard time properly getting my worksheets to be “preK” or “kindergarten” levels, so let me know if these are too hard or too easy so I can adjust a little bit. It’s nice to get feedback from kids outside of our family!

This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is a Dinosaur? (Tracing)
  • Dinosaur Food Chain (Matching)
  • Big/Bigger/Biggest Dinosaurs (2-Circling, Numbers, and Sizes)
  • Dinosaur Crosswords (2-Writing and Vocabulary)
  • Vowel Fill in the Blank
  • Dinosaur Shape Hunt
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This one is ANOTHER 8 worksheet pack, so plenty to share or just to spread throughout the week! There’s just so much fun to be had, it’s hard to make less than that!

Hope your kids love these!

Download the Dinosaur Worksheet Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Master List of Worksheets!

ALSO, join me on Instagram (@cookiesandracecars) this week for all the dinosaur crafts we have planned! It’s gonna be fun!

Today (April 29): Shape Dinosaurs (we are using my Cutting Worksheet Pack for our shapes!)

Tuesday (April 30): Paper Plate Dinosaur Masks

Wednesday (May 1): Make a Fossil (at home playdough making)

Thursday (May 2): Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaurs

Friday (May 3): Museum trip day!

I hope you and your kids can get out to a science museum too–they are so much fun!

Please make sure you share on Pinterest and such if you enjoy these. It helps me out so much!

Thank you in advance, you’re awesome!

Next week is my Geology Worksheet Pack! See you then!


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