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Vehicles Worksheet Pack

Did everyone have a great Easter? If you’re still teaching your kids about Easter (or talk about it the week after instead of before) don’t forget to check out my Easter (Religious) Worksheet Pack!

This week is particularly exciting thought because it’s VEHICLES!

I know plenty of girls like vehicles too, but my only girl is 7 months old and not really into anything besides crawling and eating yet, soooo. Can’t say much about that. But my boys, in stereotypical boy fashion, just LOVE anything with an engine. Needless to say, learning about vehicles goes over very well at our house.

Since planes, trains, and automobiles are such a big deal, I couldn’t leave my kindergartener out of the worksheet happiness, so this pack is a little more mixed level work than usual. 

This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is a Vehicle? (Tracing)
  • Train Color By Number
  • More/Less Vehicles (2 PreK level, 1 Kindergarten level)
  • Vehicle Place Match (Setting)
  • Vehicle Rhyming
  • Vehicle Word Problems (another Kindergarten level)

This one is another 8 worksheet pack, so plenty to share or just to spread throughout the week! The discussion on the “What is a Vehicle?” page about engines always gets me SO many questions–I look forward to hearing how your kids do that concept! Don’t forget to comment below and let me know!

Here’s what you came for though:

Download the Vehicles Worksheet Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Master List of Worksheets!

Our three favorite Vehicle books! (Affiliate links included.)

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site & Steam Train, Dream Train SET

Beautiful illustrations, onomatopoeia galore, and, of course, VEHICLES! Plus, it’s two-for-one and board books are a little more durable than paper books. I should do a construction truck worksheet pack, there are so many great books to go along with!

The Little Engine That Could

“I think I can, I think I can!” How do you NOT love this book? Great for a discussion about how engines can stop working too, and what it takes (both character-wise and actual motor-wise) for the Little Blue Engine to make it over the mountain!

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

I know, this one is construction again, but GOSH I love this book. What is it about construction books and onomatopoeia?

Budgie the Little Helicopter

BONUS because I included too many construction ones. Budgie is an oldie but a goodie! I grew up reading these (the book pictures is one of five or six, I think). They are great little adventures with all sorts of helicopters, airplanes, and the occasional ship!

I don’t believe in putting a price tag on worksheets, that’s silly, but please make sure you share on Pinterest and such if you enjoy these. It helps me out so much!

Thank you in advance, you’re awesome!

Next week is my Dinosaur Worksheet Pack! Another one my boys are looking forward to, and with SO many great craft ideas to go with it!


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