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Cutting (or Tracing) Worksheet Pack

Another bonus worksheet pack! I realized my kids need cutting practice, so I whipped these up. There are six papers with different patterns/shapes on them to practice those handy-dandy scissor skills: lines, zig zags, squares, circles, and two types of triangles.

Have cutting-dotted-lines-worksheets been done before?

Yes, of course.

But if you’re already here and you need some cutting practice for your kids, then great, here they are. Plus I included a list of activity ideas so you aren’t just wasting paper!

These are great to use with my Shapes and Colors Worksheet Pack in case you happen to be working on shapes! I might even have my kids trace the shapes with a pencil or crayon to start, then cut them after. Then it’s a three-fer (shapes, tracing, AND cutting) which is just awesome.

Download the FREE Cutting Worksheet Pack here.


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