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Birds & Bugs Worksheet and Activity Pack

Last week, just in time for spring, I did a Plants Worksheet and Activity Pack, so this week I’m continuing the theme with a Birds & Bugs Worksheet pack!

Funny story about spring and birds.

We lived in Massachusetts when I was a teenager, and one day my dad got new hearing aids (he’s about 80-90% deaf). He was pretty happy with them until he went outside and there was just this awful, high pitched sound. It happened every time he went outside. He couldn’t figure it out. He thought his new hearing aids must be broken!

One day we walked outside and he just couldn’t take it anymore. “Does anyone else hear that awful chirping sound coming from my hearing aid? This is awful!”

My mom looked at him, looked around, looked back at him, and said, “I think you might be hearing birds for the first time!”

Sure enough! After some experimenting, we figured out that the sound of birds chirping was driving him CRAZY.

Funny what we take for granted, right?

Every spring now, I think of that moment when I hear the birds, and I know my dad is turning his hearing aid way down and grumbling. But I still like to hear them. We also lived in Massachusetts when the cicadas came out, and THAT was awful. Uughhh.

Anyway! Back to my birds and bugs worksheets! This worksheet pack includes:

  • What is a Bird/Bug? (2 Tracing Worksheets)
  • Bug Math (Addition and Subtraction through 10)
  • Bee to Honey Maze
  • Following Along Bird Coloring (Reading Instructions)
  • Same/Different Circling
  • Centipede Count to 100

This one has 8 worksheets, so plenty to share or just to spread throughout the week! There are some big words (like exoskeleton!) but I hate shying away from big words just because they’re little kids. I think even toddlers can grasp way more than we think they can!

Download the Birds & Bugs Worksheet and Activity Pack for FREE right here.

For a full list of my worksheets, head over to my Master List of Worksheets!

Our three favorite Birds & Bugs books! (Affiliate links included.)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It’s bugs and counting and classic! This was our second son’s first birthday theme, actually, because he was such a hungry caterpillar himself!

Make Way for Ducklings

Again, we lived in Massachusetts for a while, and they actually have statues in Boston Commons of the ducklings! So cute. A good little bird lesson with some geography if you want to point out Boston on a map (or go there if you’re close!).

Anansi the Spider

Another good one for introducing other cultures, as well as discussing spiders!

I don’t believe in putting a price tag on worksheets, that’s silly, but please make sure you share on Pinterest and such if you enjoy these. It helps me out so much!

Thank you in advance, you’re awesome!

Next week is my Easter Worksheet and Activity Pack!

I should note that, being a Christian, my Easter worksheet pack will be religious, not spring-time, in nature.


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