Free Wall Art Printable: Be Kind, Do Good, Choose Joy!

Sometimes, when the kids are all yelling and fighting…

or the house is a mess but I’ve been cleaning all day…

or I look at my to do list and there’s so much to do and I’m just done…

I need a reminder of what’s important. So I broke it down into three things I can do to be a little happier and here’s my self-reminder:


That’s it! If the kids are yelling and I’m sick and tired of it, but I choose to be kind, I’m doing a good job. If the house is a mess but I managed to help someone that day, I’m doing a good job. If my to do list isn’t done and there’s so much to do and I choose to be happy and grateful for all of it instead of stressed, I’m doing a good job.

Can I do it every day?


And thus reminders, which for me means putting something on the wall where I can see it. So wall art! I’ll get a picture of these framed eventually, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my reminders to be kind, do good, and choose joy.

I made them in both color (using these gorgeous watercolor backgrounds! I need to practice making these myself!) and in black and white, so pick your poison…er, pick what makes you happy?

Print the color Kind/Good/Joy prints here!


Print the black and white Kind/Good/Joy prints here!

The black and white ones are full size PDFs, I just made the words bigger so you could see clearly here!

These are also things I remind my kids of regularly (“Be kind!!” as my oldest gets on the bus, pretty much every day) so it’s a good reminder for the whole family.

Do you have one of those sayings you always remind your kids/yourself of? My mom always said, “Remember who you are,” and I know lots of people who grew up with, “Return with honor,” and other such stuff. What’s your family’s?

I’d love to have you share in the comments!

Also, if you like them, feel free to share them!


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