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Grocery Budget Tool

I hate when someone posts and they have some cool freebie but you have to read through 20 paragraphs of fluff to get through.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

SO. Here’s the tl;dr version:

If you want to budget your groceries (or anything! It’s flexible. I just use it specifically for groceries.) then this is the tool for you. Plunk in how much you spend each week and it will update next week’s goal so that you keep on track over the course of the month and year.

Feel free to download and explore the grocery tool HERE.

Here’s the longer explanation:

It’s an Excel file, so download and SAVE it. Then, every time you spend money on food, you enter your spending as ACTUAL and it will adjust your budget to meet your weekly goal. So, if you spend $100 and your budget is $50, the next week will adjust to $30(ish) to account for the overspend…see? That way you can keep on budget overall.

Obviously, if you’re that overbudget all the time, you have some reworking to do. But that’s your thing. This is just a tool to help you get there!

Let’s see…other important information…there’s a Template sheet, so you can make a new one for each year without deleting all the information, cutting/pasting, anything crazy like that.

Oh! And you can set the percentage for how much of the weekly budget goes to groceries vs. eating out. It works out all the math for you, easy-peasy!

Most of the instructions are in the Info section of the spreadsheet, so I’ll just let you figure it out from there. You can always comment below if you have questions and I’ll gladly help you figure it out.

You’ve got this!

I have faith in you!

Good luck with your budgeting!

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