Treehouse Detective Badge Printable

Treehouse Detective Badges

My kids are a bit obsessed with Netflix’s Treehouse Detective show…and yes, I know I wrote a month or two ago that they were obsessed with Octonauts…let’s just not talk about the amount of TV they watch.

Well I haven’t been able to find any Treehouse Detective coloring sheets or pretty much anything Treehouse Detective–including the very desirable Treehouse Detective BADGE.


I mean, what kind of detective are you without a badge?

Since I couldn’t find one, I made one! (Thanks to the super awesome Assembly app, which I know is on the Apple store but not sure if it’s on any other system.)

DISCLAIMER: I obviously have no rights or anything to Treehouse Detectives, and these are totally for fun, for free, and not actually affiliated with the show, they’re just a copycat for playing!

HERE are printable Treehouse Detective badges!

And HERE is a larger emblem for other uses (treehouse door, clues, etc.). My kids taped theirs to a building they’d made of blocks, which became their “treehouse”!

I laminated ours so they’d last through play a little longer, but obviously you do your thing, honey!

If you don’t have a laminator and want one, I have a Scotch thermal laminator and LOVE it. You can check that out here (and yes, this is an affiliate link, so as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. HOWEVER. I would never promote something I haven’t used myself, and seriously, I love it.)


Next up, maybe a Treehouse Detective activity….maybe a mystery to a solve? We’ll see how much time and energy I have! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll definitely put one together!

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