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Preschool Piano Practice

I’ve been thinking I need to get my boys started on piano lessons. It’s one of those skills I think everyone should have a basic understanding of, even if you aren’t a “musician”…it’s like cooking, or basic home repair. It’s just good to know.

But I have a five and a three year old. I’m not paying money to sign them up for lessons they will probably not pay attention to. So how can I make this easy on all of us?


The Preschool Piano Practice sheet!

PreK Piano Practice image

You can use it as a bingo board and put stickers on the ones your preschooler accomplishes, or cut it up and use it as cards (like I did). You can say “do all the orange!” or “do all the blue!” or anything you’d like.

Some are silly, some will take some help from Mom or Dad, but the hope is that they all teach a little bit about piano and music and keep your kids interested and having fun!


You can download the sheet here!

If you want to make them into the flashcards, here’s a simple back to print on the other side! I tried it to make sure, and they print out really nicely!

Enjoy your new and improved preschool piano practice!


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