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Quick and Easy Autumn Learning Day

Recently, with baby #4 due any day now, I have felt like a total slacker on the “teaching my kids” front. Luckily, worksheets are amazing because they take almost no prep time and you can expand on them so easily! is once again providing a fun little worksheet for your kiddos: the Colorful Leaves Maze!


Celebrate the changing seasons with this themed maze from! For more learning fun, check out these math games.

You can download the worksheet right here.

Red is off to kindergarten these days, so he missed out, but the Professor (3 almost 4, he reminds me) was quite happy to have a worksheet all to himself, meaning, his older brother wasn’t doing the same one. It was actually trickier for him than I thought it would be; I guess we need to do more mazes! I had to explain where to start and finish, and that no, you can’t just cross over the lines. It was fun to watch his little mind at work!

After he finished that up (with lots of trial and error, but that’s learning), we traced his hand on the back in “fall” colors, talked about the changing of the seasons, and traced the word “Autumn”. It’s still HOT where we are, or we would have done a leaf hunt around the neighborhood.

And that was our super easy learning activity for the day! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: learning moments don’t have to be huge or fancy or long-winded. This took us 15 minutes and included problem-solving, coloring, writing, motor skills, and a little bit of a science discussion. It doesn’t take much for kids to absorb a lot!

Hope you have a good time with this worksheet and whatever other fall activities you do! Check out my Pinterest board if you need any ideas for some at home learning moments, some of them even fall themed!

Have a happy day!

Shout out again to and their awesome worksheets! 


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