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Lemonade Pie

As promised in my Learning to Cook Challenge, I’ve got an easy recipe for your up-and-coming chefs to try out!

I don’t know about at your house, but where we are at it is HOT. Which translates into perfect weather for popsicles, icees, ice cream…


My uncle has a July birthday, and he has this every year instead of cake. It’s wonderful. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, lemonade pie is beautiful and tart/sweet/creamy and so darn easy. All kids have to do is scoop, blend, pour, and then….(and this is the hard part)…WAIT for it to set.


So here’s the recipe!

Lemonade Pie

1.5 quarts vanilla ice cream (I use vanilla bean, because yum)

12 oz can of lemonade concentrate

1 graham cracker crust

Leave out ice cream and lemonade to soften. Scoop ice cream and pour lemonade into blender; blend until fully mixed. Pour mixture into pie crust and put in freezer until firm.

Now, it occurs to me that I think of a blender as a super kid-friendly kitchen tool. As long as they know not to stick spoons or hands in it, I think it’s safer than a stove or oven by a long shot. I guess burns scare me more than blades at the bottom of a pitcher? What are your thoughts on kids and blenders?

Enjoy the last bit of summer and your lemonade pie!


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