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The Learning to Cook Challenge

Red was staring at the blender base I’d left on the counter the other day.

“I want to make something,” he told me.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

Partially, I was being a super-awesome-parent and letting him have a say, not putting ideas in his brain, etc, but the other partially was I was waiting to see how much of a project he wanted me to clean up after. Y’know. Learning is great within the limits of how dirty the house will get.

(I’m kidding. Sort of.)

“I want to make a milkshake. I want to make YOU a milkshake!” he announced.

Well, I couldn’t say no to that. So I grabbed the blender…pitcher? Bowl? Anyway. And I asked how one would make a milkshake, which led to a very funny conversation about what was in a milkshake. (“White stuff.” “What kind?” “…flour?” “Definitely not flour.” Milk. The answer was milk.)

Since then, I’ve been trying to let him help cook more often, with some pretty great results! He made that milkshake, helped stir up some pesto, poured ingredients for granola bars, seasoned chicken, made a peanut butter sandwich, and whisked some Jell-O up–all in a week!

Why haven’t I been letting him cook more??

He is FIVE, after all, as he won’t stop telling me.

So I whipped up a little cooking challenge for him, with what I think of as basics that are fairly simple, kid-friendly things. I might tack up the recipes for everything I’ve included, if y’all would like. The challenge has some things that need a stove or oven, but as little cutting as possible…for some reason, the heat doesn’t worry me as much as sharp knives. Mostly it’s just lots of measuring, mixing, and stirring though!

And the final challenge?

To make dinner ALL ON HIS OWN.

You know, supervised by me. But he’d be the chef-in-charge.

Anyway, here’s a printable for ya if YOUR kids feel like joining in, because why not get an early start on some great life skills!

The Learning to Cook Challenge


Have a happy week! Let me know how it goes for you and your little chefs!



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