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I Am Thankful Coloring Page Border

Here is a coloring page border for teaching kids about gratitude and thankfulness!

I used this border as my coloring page for my LDS Primary 2: Lesson 24 (I Can Show Gratitude), but I’m sure it has a million other uses, like at Thanksgiving time or for FHE.

Thankful Border Image

The Primary lesson also asked that we use water and scoop it into a jar to talk about how we are “overflowing” with blessings, but I teach 4 and 5 year olds and couldn’t imagine how water would end up not being messy…so I used cotton balls! It had the same effect; in fact, I went two or three over and one of my kids said, “There are too many!” which was a perfect segue to the next part of the lesson. Phew! (I never think I’m a great teacher, so when I change part of the lesson it’s a happy surprise when it works out like I’d hoped!)


Download the I Am Thankful Coloring Page Border here!


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