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The Ultimate Customizable Planner (Totally Free!)


Even more excited than when I shared Take 1 of my planner, because this time, I have officially worked out all the snags, plus the file is so much smaller…happy sigh.

My last planner was just waaaay too complicated. And I wanted to print a whole year at a time. And there were so many colors, too much ink…anyway. It was not working.

Planner Week

This time, you can still print a whole year, but you’ll have to print one month at a time. A tiny bit more work, but honestly, so much better for it. I printed out two months worth in maybe five minutes of extra organizing, and I wrote a note on the calendar settings page (check out the file below, seriously, it’s so cool) so you’ll know how easy it is to do. No five minutes of “hm, how do I do that?” for you!

And look at how much prettier and better it is!!


(Sorry, I included some of my own to-do list stuff in my pictures…your download doesn’t include those!)

Like my last planner, I included a monthly event calendar: write all your events for each date of the year (all the birthdays, that family vacation, etc.) and they’ll show up on your month AND week pages! (Which is an improvement from last time!)

Also, a weekly to do list (write it once, shows up every week on the day it belongs on).

Printing settings are all set up and ready for you; I included instructions just in case.

The only problem I can think of is I used a fancy font for the month titles…it should just download as a “comparable font” or whatever Microsoft likes to say, but if you’d like to download it just in case, it’s called “Autumn in November” and was made by Misti’s Fonts. You can get it here.

I even got a cute binder to put mine in, and I just…happy sigh. I finally feel organized again.

Alright, alright, no further ado:

Download the Ultimate Customizable Planner for FREE right here!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a happy day!



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