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Personal Prayer and Scripture Study Chart, Plus a Pep Talk on Those Pesky Goals

You know that feeling when you made all these great goals in January but here’s March and wellll….you just aren’t on track?

Hiiiii! Welcome to the club!

But don’t worry, I have fifty billion excuses for why I haven’t done, like, any of them. Only one or two reasons are legitimate (like, hey, I’m three months pregnant and pregnancy basically immobilizes me, so hello couch) but the rest are just that…excuses.

But guess what you do when you fall off the goal-horse?




Have I mentioned that my deepest held value/core belief is progress?

We don’t always manage it. But when we find we’ve stopped, or progress has backtracked (ugh, I hate the word regressed, we’re just going to say backwards progress or something), then we stop, reevaluate, and move forward.

For instance.

My January goals (the most important ones) were to get back on track with my daily scripture and prayer routine. I have sucked at this one, and this is the barest, most minimum I should be doing in my daily life besides eating and sleeping and breathing. Seriously.

I read somewhere that the difference between conversion and testimony is that a testimony means you believe it, but true conversion is living it. Well, I’m a step shy of conversion but I don’t want to be. So I’m going to work on it. And only when I have really made this one a habit will I move on to my next set of goals!

Lucky you, I made myself a chart, because my calendar of wonderfulness is great and all, but waking up and seeing a chart on my mirror really helps me DO it. And as usual, since I made it, I might as well share!

I hope you are all having great success with your goals and that you don’t even NEED this chart, but if you do, feel free to jump on board with me and get back into the prayer/scripture habit. Great prep for conference, right?

Here’s the link the to chart!


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