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Week 5: At Home PreK Curriculum Worksheets

I have been such a slacker recently. Between sick me, sick babies, people visiting, etc, I have been WAY behind.

But never fear!


That definitely needed all caps. I’m pretty happy with myself, if I do say so myself.

Remember my at home PreK curriculum for the year? Well, usually I print off random worksheets to go with each day. I like worksheets, my oldest likes worksheets, keeps him occupied while I work on flashcards or something with my middle child, it’s all great.

Until I run out of worksheets. There are only so many freebies out there.

So I’m going to make my own! ENTIRELY FREE because ugh, paying for stuff, why.

See? See??

Worksheets Week 5 Image

Admittedly, it’s just not as pretty as some people’s. But it’s functional. I’ll work on making them prettier as I go. (All images are off Bing, under the creative copyright stuff…if I’m stealing someone’s work, I’m not trying to! But maybe I’ll get some more cohesive clip art as I go too.)

I’ll have to do the last four weeks another time, (I know, starting mid project, my bad) but for now, here’s the

Week 5 Worksheets

to go with my curriculum. One worksheet for every week day. Lots of simple math, spelling, matching, letter practice, rhyming, counting, patterns, etc. And definitely more to come, so stay tuned for next week’s pack!


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