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Choose the Right Handout

I got called to be a Primary teacher a few weeks ago. I don’t consider myself much of a teacher. If I’m not reading out of the manual, I’m going of on tangents and trying to teach something deep and meaningful, when, really…

…I teach 4 year olds.

As much as it’s important to not be afraid of teaching deep topics, sticking to the basics is necessary sometimes. And I suck at it.

Learning experience, right?

I’ve actually been in nursery for the last two years, and was a Primary teacher for the couple years before that too. I’ve never had a calling outside of Primary. I’m pretty darn sure that God is trying to teach me something with it, and I’m almost sure I haven’t learned it yet. But I’m improving. Perhaps simplifying is one of the lessons I should be learning.


I made a handout yesterday for Primary 2, Lesson 1: Happiness Comes From Choosing the Right and thought I’d share. The last three pages are for using as your discussion point (discuss each letter of CTR, hold them up and repeat “C-T-R”, that sort of thing) but the first page is a coloring page. I had each student color a picture of something that would be choosing the right, and we talked about each picture, if that was something Jesus would do, etc. It turned out really well!


CTR Coloring Image

Here’s the Choosing the Right Handout.

I’ll try to get the next one up before Sunday! Happy Primary planning, my fellow teachers!


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